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Clay County's free wedding filled with love

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- The cold weather on Valentine's Day didn't cause any cold feet in Green Cove Springs. Ten brides walked step-in-step with the 10 grooms, all ready to take the next step in life.

"It is so exciting! There are some beautiful people here and you can tell they are all so happy and in love and being around people in love is a great thing," said Cat Allais.

The couples were treated to a free wedding and reception from the Clay County Clerk of Courts office and free pictures and music from Fleming Island High School. The ceremony was officiated by the Clay County clerk, Tara Green.

"I said why not it is Valentine's Day and I love you!," said Donald Loafman with his arm around his soon-to-be wife, Gerry.

Each of the couples has their own story of how they fell in love. Cat Allais says she and her now husband, Sean McCrory, met and fell in love when they were 12-years-old while their dads were deployed at the same military base.

"We met on base, just kids running around playing outside. We were both 12 and the summer before 7th grade he decided I was going to be his," told Allais.

But the deployments ended and their families moved apart. Then, years later, Cat had a life changing experience that made her want to find Sean again.

"I was really sick, I have Crohn's disease and when you are laying on your death bed you think of all the people you have met and you want to say something to again. I said, I have to find Sean and see what happened to him," said Allais.

She was able to find him on Facebook and they rekindled their love. Even though they are planning a wedding for family and friends in September, they decided they didn't want to wait a day more to make it official and tied the knot on Valentine's Day.

"We really believe God gives us second chances in life and we really got ours," said Allais.

All the couples married during the ceremony say the love they felt was instant.

"I just looked in her eyes and I was in love," told Loafman.

The feeling of love surrounded the couples as they said their vows and exchanged rings in front of a small group of family and friends in Spring Park. Then on a chilly Valentine's Day, ten couples began their love-filled lifetimes together.

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