Green Cove Pastor Agrees Not to Pray on Clay County School Property | News

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Green Cove Pastor Agrees Not to Pray on Clay County School Property

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Green Cove Pastor Ron Baker has reached an agreement with the Clay County School District over prayer on school property.

The pastor of Russell Baptist Church said Thursday he agreed not to pray with children and parents on school property at the flagpoles, after he said the school district's attorney told him the school board would take action if he continued.

But Baker said his prayers with the community will continue. 

"We're still going to be praying at all schools. We just won't be standing on school board property. We will be on adjacent property right across the street from the school," Baker said.

He plans to be across the street from Clay Hill Elementary Monday at 8 a.m. for his usual prayer session with students and parents.  He said he has been praying on school property for the "past 10 to 12 years."

Baker said his prayer meetings were going well, until Clay Hill principal Larry Davis sent a note to his staff telling them about the gatherings.  In that message, Davis mentioned an article that claims the First Amendment only applies to Christians.

We called a spokeswoman for the school district, and have not heard back from her yet.  The school board plans to hold a conference about this resolution on Monday.


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