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Clay County school grades for 2012 released


CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- When the Florida Department of Education released their school grades for 2012 today, 97% Clay County elementary and middle schools received either an "A" or "B."

Four schools in the district improved their letter grades. There were also ten schools that saw a decrease in their letter grades.

Clay County Schools Superintendent Ben Wortham said, "Even though students experienced increased standards and rigor, 97% of our schools remain either an 'A' or 'B.'  I am very pleased that our teachers and students met the challenge of these higher requirements."

Charles E. Bennett Elementary School raised its grade from a "B" to an "A." In 2010, the school had been graded a "C" school. Evelyn Chastain, principal for the elementary school, said, "My brain is racing for the perfect words. My joy is choking my brain in this very proud moment. I am proud to 'bee' part of this accomplishment. Our focus on celebrating the small steps and little victories along our path guides us -- faculty, staff and students -- to reach this goal. It's a happy day at CEB."

Another elementary school to increase its grade from a "B" to an "A" was Wilkinson Elementary. That school had been a "B" school in 2010. 

"I have never been prouder in my life of a group of students, staff and parents than I am today," said WES principal Emily Weiskopf. "Every single staff and faculty member at Wilkinson truly loves and cares about kids and they are 100% committed to their continued success. I've always known that Wilkinson was a great place to learn. Now, the community knows it too. It truly is a great day to a Wildcat."

School grades are based on the following items:

  • Student proficiency in FCAT Reading, Math, Science and Writing,
    including students with disabilities and English language learners;
  • The percentage of students making one-year gains in reading and math; and
  • The percentage of the lowest performing students making one year gains in reading and math.

High schools face additional scoring criteria:

  • The percentage of students who participate in college level courses (AP, IB, AICE and Dual Enrollment);
  • The percentage of students who successfully complete college level courses;
  • Overall graduation rates and at-risk students' graduation rates; and
  • College readiness in reading and math.

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