Health Comes First on Back to School Checklist

Health Comes First on Back to School Checklist


It’s important, it’s required, and this year it may cost less.

It may not be first on your child’s back-to-school checklist, but it should be. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida reminds parents that now is the time to confirm health exam and immunization requirements for first-time and returning students for grades kindergarten through 12th grade.

So before clothes, before supplies, check with your child’s school about what’s required, and give yourself enough time to schedule whatever exams and vaccinations are needed before school starts.  And this year, you may get a budget break, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Teacher Merit Pay Fails in NYC Before Florida Schools Start Program

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Local education advocates are calling on Governor Rick Scott to look to New York City after their teacher merit pay program was abandoned Monday.

"I applaud New York for doing what's fiscally responsible and realizing that political ideology shouldn't set the tone for what we put into practice," said Colleen Wood, Save Duval Schools Executive Director.

The program in New York City rewarded the entire school based on performance.

Here in Florida individual teachers would be rewarded.

Wood has rallied against teacher merit pay since it was first introduced in Florida, and she thinks the state should follow in New York's footsteps.

Back-to-School Sales Show Up Extra Early at Some Retailers

Back-to-School Sales Show Up Extra Early at Some Retailers

Back to school already?

Some anxious retailers are jumping the gun to get shoppers' attention extra early. With good reason: Last year consumers spent more than $55 billion on back-to-school shopping, the National Retail Federation says. Many retailers are still nervous about consumer spending in a topsy-turvy economy.

That's one reason why Toys R Us' "Pack to School" sale on backpacks and lunchboxes started as early as July 1 in some parts of the country.


Clay County "Pleased" with School Grades

“I am extremely pleased with the 2011 School Grades.  Once again, our students, employees, parents and community proved they were up to the task,” says Superintendent Ben Wortham.

Clay County Named a “High Performing District”

The School District of Clay County is very proud to be named a “2011-2012 Academically High Performing School District” by the State Board of Education.  Only 12 other districts in the state received this designation.

Duval School Board Holds Final Public Meeting on Proposed Budget Cuts

Duval School Board Holds Final Public Meeting on Proposed Budget Cuts

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Duval County Board of Education held its final meeting to allow the public to voice its opinion about proposed budget cuts.

Monday night's meeting, held at Ed White High School, drew another large crowd.

Audience members had the opportunity to weigh in on the potential solutions to close the county's budget hole of more than $75 million: a four-day school week, furloughing teachers, or cutting sports, art and/or music from schools.

Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals said he doesn't have an exact time table for a vote on the matter.
He wants to tally all of the public comments and suggestions, first, but Pratt-Dannals did say it would be soon.

Clay County Teacher Turned My Daughter's Life Around

Danielle Davis, of Green Cove Springs, wanted to share the experience her family has had with the teachers of Green Cove Springs Junior High School, particularly Mrs. Wendy Turner.

Davis' daughter Lacey was heading down a dark road. Lacey hated school, was smoking cigarettes and seemed to be negatively influenced by her social circle. Lacey wanted to drop out of school and was struggling with life.