Man rescues 3 children from mangled car

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- A local man is being called a hero after rescuing three children from a mangled car Monday morning.

"I have three girls so pulling those two out, that really hit home," said Anthony Difolco.

Difolco says he's been a painter for most of his life. On Monday morning he was on his way to paint a home in St. Johns County, he was exiting the Shands Bridge onto State Road 16 when he noticed what appeared to be a serious accident.

"I was just scared; scared for the people in the car. I could hear the girls screaming in the car," said Difolco.

He said he got out of the car and rushed to get the children out.

"I saw the boy all bloody. He was having a hard time breathing and the girls in the back were screaming," added Difolco.

He couldn't get the door open to get the boy out, so he bent the back door to get it open and let the girls out. He says the car was starting to give off smoke.

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Orange Park man charged in jewelry theft

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- The theft of $100,000 worth of jewelry lands an Orange Park home inspector in jail charged with grand theft.

Ronnie Lee Stevens Junior, 49, remains in the Clay County Jail with his bond set at $350,000.

Green Cove Springs Police say a home that was being sold in Magnolia Point that Stevens had inspected and had two Rolex watches and other valuables removed from a safe in a bedroom.

The victim, at the encouragement of investigators, looked for the jewelry allegedly finding some items in Kingsley Jewelry in Orange Park.

The owner, Michael Wild, was charged with a misdemeanor by failure not to record and report jewelry items he had purchased.  That is required by law.

Detective James Acres says the investigation now focuses on whether there might be other victims.

"It's possible," said Acres.

Funeral set for Superhero Logan

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Everyone on the First Coast is invited to show their support for the family of a young super hero who captured our hearts.
Five-year-old Logan Channel lost his battle with cancer this week.
His funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon at Hibernia Baptist Church.

Gov. honors 3 local veterans turned teachers

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Three local teachers were honored Tuesday by Gov. Rick Scott during the Florida Cabinet meeting.

Scott gave the following three First Coast teachers the Shine Award:

-Kenneth McAllister, U.S. Air Force veteran and social studies and special education teacher at Clay County High School

-David Silverman, U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Adult Education teacher at Clay County Center for Adult & Community Education

-Jacqueline Williams, U.S. Navy veteran and government, economics and psychology teacher at A. Philip Randolph High School Academies of Technology in Jacksonville

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Local parents relying on police to discipline kids

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Earlier this month, dash-cam video captured an example of what's becoming a national and local trend.

According to police, an Iowa son and father reportedly got into an argument over cigarettes.

The son stole his father's truck in retaliation and led officers on a high speed chase that ended with gunfire at Iowa State University.

Legally, like the father in this case, parents must call 911 on their own children.

But First Coast News has found examples where local parents are reporting less severe cases.

In some instances, the parents are even trying to get the officers to do the parenting for them.

"It's happening all the time," said Officer Alan Leavens with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

In Clay County, the sheriff's office has received nearly 100 calls about disobedient children since school started in August.

Proposal would allow adult stores in Clay County

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- A call by a business person could mean adult stores could be on the way to Clay County. Some say it's a bad move, but others say in this economy, any business is good.

The County's economic development team is asking council members to look at drafting an ordinance that would let adult stores set up shop in certain area.

Right now, the proposal says the stores may be allowed in areas zoned "Heavy Industrial" and "Heavy Business".

It's drawing a mixed reaction.

"Business is business," said Ryan McIntyre. "What somebody wants to do with their money inside their house is their business."

Not everyone agrees. Amber Griffin is a mom of four. She said it's a step backward for the county.

"I think a lot of people move to Clay County like ourselves to get away from things that go on in Jacksonville," she said.

Golf tournament helps fight mental illness

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Rudolph Dunnam said for the first time in his 59 years, he knows what it means to have a life.

"Now I consider myself on the path for living," he said. 

Dunnam described it as the best days of his life.

"I have made a 130-degree turn from where I was mind-wise, physically-wise and mentally-wise," said Dunnam. 

He has finally learned to control his mental illness, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia; mental illness that made it difficult for him to even cope with his family.

The big change in his life began when he walked into the building of Northwest Behavioral Health Services.

"If they weren't there I believe I would have probably perished," he said.

Dunnam said now he functions well, he is more sociable, and he's rebuilding those family relationships that were devastated by his mental illness.

"I'm very grateful for them," said Dunnam