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Fast Food Fumes Still Under Investigation
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Fast Food Fumes Still Under Investigation

South Investigators and Authorities still don’t exactly know what chemicals caused a hazmat situation at a Georgia McDonald's Restaurant, leading to one fatality and sending 9 others to the hospital.

When Pooler Fire Rescue arrived on the scene on the South Georgia McDonald's Wednesday, they immediately identified a foul toxic odor and took respiratory precautions. When they re-entered the building they found 2 women unconscious in the restroom where the smell of fumes was the strongest, according to the Fire Rescue Chief in Pooler Georgia.

The two women found unconscious in the restroom were identified as Carol Barry, 56 from the Southside of Jacksonville, who was administered oxygen admitted to the hospital in critical condition. She is said by doctors to be doing better and was released as of Friday.

The other victim was identified as Anne Felton, 80 of the Sawgrass community in Ponte Vedra, who was rushed to the hospital, and later died of a suspected cardiac arrest. The exact cause of death still has yet to be determined.

8 Other victims, including 3 rescue workers were treated, decontaminated, and later released from hospitals in the Savannah area.

All 10 of the victims who inhaled the mysterious fumes suffered some type of symptom, and all had been in or near the restroom where the concentration of fumes was the strongest, according to Pooler Fire Chief G. Wade Simmons. He stated that no one anywhere else in the building was affected.

He hopes that the autopsy results from the Crime Lab in Georgia will give the investigation some direction. Other confusing factors in this case are how fast the fumes dissipated, and Savannah’s Hazardous Materials took samples of the air in the restaurant and detected nothing.

According to Investigators, the 10 victims were exposed to some kind of toxic fumes in the McDonald's restaurant, but they have not yet identified exactly where the fumes came from or what exactly they consisted of.

According to Florida Poison Control in Jacksonville it is rare to have someone die from an incident like this, but it is common for people to accidentally mix two cleaning agents or chemicals that alone pose no threat but when mixed can react and create dangerous fumes.

Based on Dr.Jay Schauben of Florida Poison Control in Jacksonville’s expertise, this may appear to be a case of very potent “industrial grade chemicals” or an “abnormally large amount of a common cleaner”. Certain toxic fumes can cause rapid degradation of the body’s functions, which can cause difficulty breathing and interference with metabolism, according to Schauben.

If you have an encounter with toxic or questionable fumes, seek fresh air outdoors immediately, open doors and windows to let fresh air in to the area with fumes. In a case as serious as the one described above, the best thing to do is contact authorities immediately to notify them of your emergency, and attempt to help as many people out of the building as you can while help arrives. Everyday cleaners and chemicals can create toxic fumes that can be very dangerous, harmful, and even fatal and should be taken seriously. Be careful when handling household chemicals and never mix cleaners, and always keep cleaning agents away from children.

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