Gayle Powell
Curious Citizen

Real Estate Broker, wife, mother, friend. 

I love to know what is going on around me.  I'm interested in the fun, unusual things people do.

Travel is my favorite past time and I love to go to unique places. 

I have been blessed to be able to visit Cuba twice and plan to return there soon.  I am going to Honduras on a mission trip in a few weeks to a small island that is compared to Venice due to the fact that there are no streets, only canals.  My husband and I recently returned from Alaska and my husband is in the process of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail in sections.  We love to cruise, especially to warmer climates, and, also we have an RV we don't use enough.

Originally from Georgia I have lived in Tennesse, Illinois, South Carolina and now Florida.

I consider my self lucky to live on the banks of the St Johns River and enjoy watching the sunrise over the water.

My desire in posting stories to this website is to inform someone of something that will make their day, week or maybe even life a little happier.